Our youngest learners participate in a virtues-centered curriculum that helps to build a sense of integrity by encouraging children to reflect on their own actions. Students build character and learn skills through activities such as role play, stories, art, games, and songs. Teachers use Daystar Academy's Core Values and Chinese Virtues to help children understand how their be- havior impacts others and how they can contribute in positive ways to their community.

Elementary and Secondary

With a strong character development foundation, our students then begin to take more ownership and action to serve the community. Our comprehensive character development program aims "to create a better world through education" by focusing on social-emotional competencies such as self-awareness, self-management, and responsible decision-making as well as Inter- national Baccalaureate Learner Profile attributes and those inherent to our core values—caring, unity, excellence, service, and respect.
Our elementary character development program is embedded into our curriculum as students inquire into and reflect upon who they are as learners throughout a year- long unit of inquiry. Morning and afternoon class meetings also provide opportu- nities for individual reflection and community building. Our secondary students cultivate these skills and attributes and build community through both embedded inquiry and reflection as well as a dedicated advisory program.
With this framework, we are providing our students with the foundation and opportunities to truly become compassionate changemakers.