Academic Curriculum
Daystar combines Chinese national curriculum with IB Program and offers the Social Innovation Program. For kindergarten, Daystar offers Chinese-English Montessori bilingual curriculum.
Early Learning Center
Daystar Academy's Early Learning Center nurtures children's curiosity and develops their social skills, focus, and work habits in preparation for a smooth transition to elementary school. Our integrated bilingual classrooms at Daystar Academy will give your child a gift that will last their lifetime: a strong foundation for a love of learning, self-discipline, self- motivation and independence.
Elementary School
At Daystar Academy, we are committed to developing bilingual and bicultural global citizens who will make a positive impact in their communities and beyond. This is realized through purposefully engaging the whole child. As students reflect the Daystar Academy core values, they develop into global citizens ready to take on the world!
Secondary School
Daystar's secondary instructional focus is grounded in rigorous and meaningful learning experiences. As an International Baccalaureate (IB) continuum school committed to developing bilingual and bicultural global citizens, Daystar offers a broad and balanced curriculum framework through which students develop the disciplinary knowledge, 21st century skills, and conceptual understandings within real-world contexts that are necessary for success in university-level coursework.
Our Teachers
We significantly increased our investment in teachers, which has borne fruits this year--We have recruited a well-qualified, competent and passionate team of teachers from outstanding schools around China and the world. We followed a strict screening process, covering resume and qualification screening, interview and trial teaching, and background check, and recruited only a very limited number of applicants. Many of them graduated from world-renowned universities such as Harvard University, Columbia University, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Hong Kong etc.
College Counseling
At Daystar Academy, we use a"best fit"approach to help students make well-informed decisions about their futures. Starting in Grade 9, our highly qualified and experienced college counselor uses insights from students' learner profiles to guide their exploration of university and career possibilities. This support increases each year throughout students' Secondary experience through university applications at destinations around the world.
At Daystar, the library is a key resource that integrates student learning with hands-on research. Here, students don't just borrow books. At Daystar Academy's libraries they acquire and build knowledge, developing 21st Century competencies. There are also workshops held as part of The Living Library initiative, that bring in Daystar community members and outside experts to teach students new ideas and skills. Our libraries are well-resourced places for building and sharing knowledge!
Character Education
Daystar Academy aims to develop the whole child—one who excels academically but also demonstrates strong character, values, and a commitment to serve.