Ivy Education Group 

Founded in 2003, Ivy Education Group is made up of more than 10 kindergartens and schools in four cities across China, and has educated over 15,000 students.

The Community

The student body is diverse, coming from 32 different countries. Teachers and staff are equally international. They are committed long-term to our students, with 35% of them having been at Ivy for 5 years or more. This is one of the most passionate group of educators you will ever meet anywhere.

Core Belief

A good school achieves high academic results; a great school instills a sense of purpose. The schools of Ivy Education Group aren't satisfied with just high-performing academic accomplishments, but insist on character development as a core part of a meaningful education. 

Global Reach

The influence of Ivy Education Group extends to many parts of the world. In Ahmedabad, India, we support the Design for Change movement. Present in over 40 countries and touching over 30 million lives, DFC provides a framework for children to make changes in their community, and strongly believes in the “I Can” spirit of every child. In China, Ivy Education Group organized the Multiple Intelligences World Symposia, which featured speakers including Harvard's Dr. Howard Gardner and other distinguished thinkers from Canada, Poland, Italy, and China.