What are the new resources at Daystar Academy libraries?

Daystar Academy libraries have had a busy summer getting ready to introduce new or expanded digital resources to meet student learning needs. Specifically:

• Infobase 
Infobase gives students access to a variety of research databases.  In addition, the service provides numerous educational videos/movies, and eBooks to support additional methods of learning.

EBSCOhost is an online research platform used by research institutions, universities and advanced educational centers. Students will have access to a large number of databases, academic journals, research articles, eBooks and other electronic resources to support them in undertaking rigorous research and learning activities.  

SORA is a student-friendly digital library that provides free English and Chinese eBooks to students from grade 4 upwards.  This is a great resource that is available for teachers and students to use to practice the joy of reading each and every week.
How does Daystar Academy ensure it adds high quality resources? 

Daystar Academy is a learning community made up of professional teaching faculty dedicated to lifelong learning.  Changes and additions to Daystar Academy learning resources are based on exhaustive research and information gathering.  Teaching Faculty may make recommendations on resources they have used in their classrooms and suggestions are gained through professional associations and professional development activities. Daystar Academy is always looking for the highest quality resources, making sure these meet the changing needs of our learner community.

What other online resources do we have at Daystar Academy?

Gale In Context
Students have access to engaging resources that meet the needs of our learners through a user-friendly, mobile and responsive design.  Students will find it simple to navigate the topical databases with content seamlessly integrated to curriculum-aligned materials that span core subjects.

• EPIC Books
Many parents will already be aware of the variety of digital books provided by Epic. This is a great resource that our Teaching Faculty use to find engaging fiction and non-fiction books for our elementary school readers. 

• BrainPop
Another important resource that covers both English and Chinese throughout Daystar Academy, BrainPop provides engaging learning videos grouped by topic.  In addition, there are often vocabulary, and assessment connections that can help our students learn new content and confirm their understanding. 

• Online Catalog Search
Daystar Academy works on the understanding that a strong school-home connection is key to helping students achieve greatness.  Daystar Academy’s library catalog is searchable from the internet and allows parents and students to find school-based resources to continue their learning.  Please visit to see the books that are available in Daystar Academy libraries.

How can Daystar Academy families access these resources? 

All of Daystar Academy’s library-related resources are accessible on campus as well as outside of the school.  Teaching Faculty are able to provide login and password information for many of the resources.  After the beginning of the new school year, please contact your student’s teacher to ask about accessing specific resources.