Community Life
Daystar courses will never be boring. Every day, students get new knowledge, carry out social activities, raise new questions and challenge themselves. To support them as much as possible, Daystars gives them various opportunities and experiences, including inviting guests to deliver inspiring speeches, carrying out field trips and offering various opportunities to serve others, as an excellent extension of strict courses. All these help our students make achievements and grow into the best versions of themselves.
A safe and healthy learning environment is the foundation for students to grow up and excel academically. At Daystar, we always put the safety and health of teachers and students in the first place.
Campus Life
There is never a dull moment at Daystar's Program as students learn, socialize, and challenge themselves. To support their growth, we constantly expose them to different experiences like inspiring guest speakers, and our school events, field trips.
Parents Community
Star Parents Association Committee is our parent organization, composed of parent volunteers from each school, partnered with and supported by the school.