School History
20 years
Number of Students
1000+ people
Campus Area
Learning Stages
Kindergarten, Elementary, Secondary School
3 Campuses
Beigao Campus, Sanlitun Campus, Quanfa Campus

Curriculums: Montessori program for kindergartens, and International Baccalaureate Program for Grade1-12 schools
Teacher Student Ratio 1:5
Teacher Student Ratio
About Daystar

Founded in 2002, Daystar Academy is a K-12 school under the Ivy Education Group. Daystar Academy provides students with top-notch international courses that blend and balance Western and Chinese cultural traditions. Daystar Academy is an exemplary bilingual school providing students with Chinese compulsory courses, International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, and featured social innovation lessons.

School History
20 years
1000+ people
Campus Area
Learning Stages
Kindergarten, Elementary, Secondary School
Our Curriculum
Daystar in Everyone's Eyes
Founding Team
Daystar Academy has been a social innovation project since its founding. It cultivates students' knowledge, skills, and literacy and helps them develop into outstanding global citizens who care about the world.
Jack Hsu, Executive Board Member
We want to build Daystar into a small, yet excellent school dedicated to offering moral education for kindergarten and elementary school. For secondary school, the focus is on the Social Innovation Program. This is meant to cultivate students to excel academically and possess good moral character, a spirit of selflessness, and the courage to make a difference.
Dawn Vermilya, Founder
Because Daystar itself is a social innovation project, it has possessed the DNA of innovation since day one. Our Social Innovation Program is dedicated to making a positive difference in society, and we think it is a very meaningful education method.
Cai Jin-Yong, Founder
We founded Daystar to develop global citizens by embracing Chinese and Western cultures through an integrated education model. We are committed to cultivating students who strive for excellence in their Chinese and English studies, are able to think creatively, and have good character, all of which are for the purpose of serving the community at large.
Bita Zandieh-changizi,ES Math Teacher at Beigao Campus
I am filled with admiration for Daystar. The school community is truly like no other, filled with caring individuals who go above and beyond for their students. Not only does it strive to cultivate a love for learning and a strong sense of academic achievement but also to nurture a new generation of youth who will contribute positively to a world that is in need of new solutions.
Liu Hui, ES Chinese Teacher at Beigao Campus
When I look back at my years at Daystar, the first word I think of is “growth.” The school, teachers, and parents stay true to their original aspirations, keep an open mind, and work hand in hand to keep learning and growing. What makes Daystar so unique is the foundation of all this – “everything for the students.”
Leon Wang, Operations Manager at Sanlitun Campus
I work at the Daystar Sanlitun Campus. It's small, yet cozy. Teachers and staff are familiar with every student, and students and parents trust us completely. Everyone tries their best to put the Daystar core values into practice – Unity, Caring, Respect, Excellence, and Service. This has made Daystar Sanlitun Campus into a warm, harmonious, and happy family!
Faculty & Staff
Daystar is committed to help each and every teacher to find a right place and reach their full potential.
Nick Chen, Secondary School Student
The school gives us plenty of opportunities to do projects, explore our interests, and test our abilities. For example, I founded the Rubik's Cube Club with Kris from Grade 6. We founded the club, and students who were interested in Rubik's cube learned how to solve it – everyone was inspired.
Students Vanessa & Michelle Wang's Family
There are so many things about Daystar that attract us, like its moral education. Teachers use beautiful words to precisely praise student' s good behaviors. Growing up with honest praise and encouragement will make children positive and confident.
Student Kelly Hu's Parent
The school encourages the kids to be bold and brave as they try to solve real problems, no matter how big or small. I think if kids can relate to the significance of their actions, they will build self-confidence more easily and be more interested in learning.
Students & Parents
What does Daystar look like? We have thought about this for a long time, and finally decided it's best to call it “home”.
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