Scholarship Program

Daystar Academy awards an extensive package of scholarship programs to inspire and nurture exceptional student talent who demonstrate excellence in all aspects of their lives, and to inspire them to achieve their highest goal.

There are four categories and nine scholarship programs available for students in grades 1 to 12.

Please note: 

1. All students must first meet Daystar Academy’s admissions criteria to apply for a scholarship.

2. Scholarships and academic awards are calculated based on the full tuition.

3. Diversity/Needs-Based/Daystar Frontier scholarships cannot be used in conjunction with any tuition discounts (i.e. Early-Bird discount, Sibling discount, etc.) 

Click on the titles of scholarships to know more.

Category I: General Scholarships

1. Diversity Scholarship 

2. Need-Based Scholarship

Category II: Academic Awards

3. The Daystar Scholar and Academic Merit Award

4. Subject Awards


Category III: Social Change Scholarships

5. Founder's Scholars

6. Dr. Paul S. C. Hsu Social Entrepreneur Prize

7. The Daystar GCI Scholarship

8. Inno-Imagine Grants Awards 


Category IV: High School and College Scholarships

9. Daystar Courageous Scholarship

10. Daystar Frontier Scholarship