Athletics & Arts
Athletics, health and art are among the basic subjects that students at Daystar must learn. For that, Daystar has formulated complete sports and art lessons with opportunities for after-school activities. We hope to, by developing their sports and artistic accomplishment and skills, inspire their creativities, strengthen their ability to work and compete with one another, and give them a sense of belonging.
The Daystar Academy Phoenix Athletics Program strives to provide students with a variety of opportunities to engage in individual and team sports. The programs focus on skill development, fitness, sportsmanship and fair-play. A Daystar Academy athlete is one who not only competes to be the best on the field of competition but one who also competes academically and has a high standard of citizenship within our community.
We hope to build a brand-new outlook on life via art education. In another word, we at Daystar strive to inspire students’ passion towards dance, music, and visual art through clear and detailed art education. In doing so, we encourage students to find the inner connection between art and our daily life, emotions, culture, and technological innovation.