SI Day

Social Innovation Day is an annual day to deepen the connection to some social and environmental challenges the world faces, while developing students skills to take action as social innovators. Held at each Daystar campus, it may include social expert visitors, hands-on innovation or service activities, or community excursions to explore the issue further. Grade 11 students are actively involved in the planning and facilitation of SI Day as part of their social innovation journey.  This peer facilitation and engagement with Elementary students is a memorable and engaging highlight for our younger Daystar students.

SI Market And Phoenix Forums

Students need a place to innovate, share, and inspire others. Daystar Beigao campus holds a regular Social Innovation (SI) Marketplace enabling middle and high school students to have their own stalls to sell items they have created (e.g. digital art or green fashion items), or to advocate for their causes or fundraise.
In parallel with the SI Market is our Phoenix Forum hosted by middle and high school students to build community and showcase creative talents and ideas. It includes performances by musicians/bands, demonstrations of talents, and students showcasing their innovative art and videos. Phoenix Forums also provides a platform for meaningful pitches and debates on topics of importance such as sustainability and mental health and well-being. The forums have proven to elevate discussion inspiring other students to think what they might want to contribute at the next Phoenix Forum or SI Market!

Earth Day

With a focus on sustainability, Daystar is committed to its annual goals of making our campuses more sustainable. Earth Day is a natural opportunity to highlight ways that all students, staff and parents can take action to help protect the earth. Each campus is empowered to celebrate Earth Day in their own unique way. Past celebrations have included an Earth Day Fair with stations that Daystar student lead to teach their peers about daily actions to protect our Earth, or a swap market and no-waste bake sale to raise money for an environmental charity.