Student Council

Student organization is a platform for students to practice their critical skills and qualities, such as leadership and responsibility. From elementary to secondary school, we set up all sorts of student organizations like student union, and select students to play the leading roles like Student Ambassador. In addition, we also encourage students to set up and operate any clubs that they are interested.

Community Events

Daystar's calendar is full of special events and traditions, including our annual 'Week for Change', where we raise money for worthy causes in the local community; 'Harvest Festival' where our secondary students help organize fun games for our Early Learning Center and Elementary students; and the annual 'Staff Appreciation Luncheon.' as well as well as art exhibitions, science fairs, music exhibitions, Earth Day, sports days and various sports competitions.
For 8th graders, the year ends with a celebration to mark the end of their Middle school, and usually a mouth-watering cake baked by our a long-time (and beloved) Daystar food consultant. Each of these events reflects our core values of unity, respect, excellence, caring, and service.