College Counseling

At Daystar Academy, we use a"best fit"approach to help students make well-informed decisions about their futures. Starting in Grade 9, our highly qualified and experienced college counselor uses insights from students' learner profiles to guide their exploration of university and career possibilities. This support increases each year throughout students' secondary experience through university applications at destinations around the world.

In addition, students will learn how to assess and research university ethos, values, curriculum and faculty to ensure that they make well-informed choices that are right for both student and families. During this process, we work closely with families to ensure that parents and students are kept up to date with the latest information about university admissions and preparation.

The support we provide is not limited to the application stage, but will also support students and parents through the transition phase to help students get started overseas. Our aim is to enable Daystar students to make a significant impact in their future universities, not only to complete their studies but also to excel in top universities around the world.