We hope to build a brand-new outlook on life via art education. In another word, we at Daystar strive to inspire students’ passion towards dance, music, and visual art through clear and detailed art education. In doing so, we encourage students to find the inner connection between art and our daily life, emotions, culture, and technological innovation. 

Free of worldly thoughts infecting their minds, children are able to feel the world around them, produce heartfelt expressions, and retain the invaluable confidence to tell those around them what they perceive to be the truth.

That's why they don't hesitate to show what they see, hear, feel, and think in the most colorful ways. Children's artistic performance was so enviable to Picasso that he, who could paint like Raphael at the age of 14, spent his life trying to find ways to go back to his roots and paint like a child once more. The lines do not have to be straight enough, the colors do not have to be even enough, and in particular, they do not pay any attention to the "opinions of others" that are so important to adults. 

At Daystar, we especially value our students’ innocence, and at the same time, they would occasionally produce pieces of art that are full of incredible inspiration and ingenuity.