Social Innovation
Daystar is the first school in China to create a K-12 Social Innovation Program to cultivate students into social innovators - able to deeply care, connect and take practical actions to solve social and environmental problems in communities. Daystar has created a unique educational model through the holistic SI curriculum, SI program resources and SI events, where students feel empowered with a purpose to apply their learning to create a better world, and in doing so learn even more!
SI Curriculum
Daystar’s unique Social Innovation Curriculum, founded upon the SI Competency framework, is woven through natural curriculum connections into various subjects and is also embedded through the SI core curriculum enabling students to practice and take action as they develop more knowledge and skills. The SI core curriculum progression starts from Kindergarten with Dream For Change, and evolves to Qualities for Change in Elementary, Projects for Change in Middle School and Venture for Change in High School.
SI Program Resources
Curriculum learning alone is not sufficient. Students need opportunities to put that learning into action. Our SI Program Resources inspire and propel students into action as social innovators!
SI Events
Incorporated into the Social Innovation Program are key events to create a culture of social innovation within the student, staff and the parent community. These events provide students with an opportunity to have a peak experience that helps build their connection and identity as social innovators.