Star Parents Association Committee

Daystar Parents Association Committee is our parent organization, composed of parent volunteers from each school, partnered with and supported by the school. As a pivotal channel for family-school communication, Daystar Parents Association Committee aims to build Daystar into a positive and aspirant community for students’ growth.

Daystar Parents Academy

At Daystar, we believe in the power of lifelong study. Parents, teachers, and principals all set up examples by themselves by sticking to “self-improving,” to yield a positive influence on students.

One of the features of Daystar’s family-school education is active and equal communication. We combined all the popular events—Coffee Morning, offline workshops, Fireside Conversation and launched Daystar Parents Academy. In the post-COVID world, we restart the critical topic of “Parenting” for all Daystar parents in the most popular study method—Hybrid Learning. We hope it can bring parents a new perspective of international education, help the school and parents better understand each other, and help keeping the Daystar community a learning community.